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1. Kamini Kumar Dutta ( 1879-1959) – a profile

Kamini Kumar Dutta was a professionally committed lawyer of his time. He profoundly performed both in civil as well as in criminal cases and also political cases. Mr. Dutta was born in 1879 at Srikail village, P.S. Muradnagar, Comilla North sub –divison. Mr. dutta had a srong academic back ground as he passed B.A. examination with distinction. On obtaining B.L degree he served as Munsif in his early career. Later on he left the service and embraced the ‘glorious uncertainties of the legal profession’ as an advocate.

Mr. Dutta had also interest in politics from his student life and also suffered imprisonment in the cause of freedom movement. Mr. Dutta was the member of the constituent Assembly in the framing of the Pakistan constitution of 1956. He played an active role in the non-cooperation movement of the Indian National congress. Nonetheless Mr. Dutta not only defended the political cases of political workers but also financed them. He was one of the very few giant lawyers who became a legend in the legal profession of his time .Mr. Kamini Kumar Dutta was the president of the Commilla District Bar. Association in 1955. The then President of Pakistan Ayub khan gave him a medal to his widow Mrinalini Dutta in the dedication of his service to the country.

In memory of Late Mr. Dutta on June 23, 1962 the Kamini Kumar Dutta Memorial Law Lecture Fund was formed by his widow and his four sons. The first Lecture series were held on February 9-11, 1970 and Mr. Justice Amin Ahmed, Honourable Chief Justice ( Retd) of Dhaka High court delivered the lectures on the topic ‘ Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Pakistan’ . After about 21 years the second lecture series were held on 25-26 May, 1991 and it was delivered by Mr. Justice Badrul Haider Chowdhury, former Chief Justice of Bangladesh on the subject namely ‘Evolution of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh’ and the third lecture delivered by Mr Justice Abdur Rahman chowdhury , Honourable Justice on the topic namely ‘Democracy, Rule of Law and Human Rights’ and in 1994 the Fourth lecture was delivered by Mr. Justice Mustafa Kamal, former Chief Justice Mustafa Kamal on the topic ‘Bangladesh constitution: trends and Issues’.

2. S. R. Pal

3. A.K. Fazlul Haque.

4. Syed Istiaq Ahmed

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